Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Clothing is Rewarding

It's been forever & a day since I've written in this blog. I'm bogged down still writing my book but now I feel more energy towards setting a goal to finish. And I feel enthusiastic about it - like it'll be fun to write - because I should feel that way; I've got a lot of great stories to share. In the meantime I've been busy doing life cleanup. I've solved some major life issues this year. One of my main focuses has been on my health. I finally found a "diet" (rather I found a true way for me to eat healthfully) that I feel has restored me. I've shed a few pounds & I need new clothes. Since I'm not rolling in cash, I asked my spirit guides for new clothes that will support my new lifestyle and physique & to provide the means so I could get some new outfits. Over the next few days I got an email from my friend that said, "Come Shopping in My Closet". It's not unusual for my friend to give me her hand me downs - she loves to shop & I barely do.  What struck me was her saying "come shopping in my closet." I knew this had to be a "universal set up" meaning my guides had worked it so that I would get my new clothes ASAP. As you can see from the above picture, I picked up quite a load from my friend. She was tossing anything that didn't fit her. A few of the tops had tags still on them. I took the items I felt had a good fit. Lucky for me, my friend has good taste & she buys things that I normally wouldn't (like items that have actual sex appeal, LOL) so I truly have a new wardrobe that I do think will support my life direction. I'm happy & I feel great. Yea for manifesting!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Last Friday, I spent over two hours filling in boxes on an online application. Such an arduous task deserved a reward, like chocolate or ice cream but I didn't plan ahead and have something in the house. I tweeted about it. The following day, I met up with someone I "knew" only through social media and email communications. We had a great time getting to know one another. We walked near the coast. The day was hot. She asked if I wanted to go for a bit of a further walk and then she offered to treat us to ice cream. Having had the urge for ice cream, and feeling the need of the reward still I gladly accepted.

One could say this was coincidence. I say it's manifesting. I had my ask out there, via tweet, which in my book is an ask to the universe. I got my reward - two scoops of delicious ice cream. Plus the universal bonus of bonding with a new friend.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Have Heart

Last Tuesday, I set off to a nearby park to finish my class assignment for my video production class. I had started the week before taking photos while the sky was overcast to capture photos using low light. The next part of what I had to finish was capturing the same images using high light. I realized that I may have set myself up for not being able to finish the assignment that day if I only relied on taking new pictures of the images I took last week. I already had "panic" about not finishing this assignment on time which manifested in a dream I had the previous night (a dream where I waited until classtime to finish and I couldn't). I chided myself for not taking an object, like a penny, which I could move from a sunny spot to a shady one. So I asked the universe to provide me one.

I walked through the park searching for my penny (I had found two at the mall last week). This wasn't exactly the easiest place to manifest one but I looked anyway. "Something" made me look off the path and over to the storm drain. (This drain breaks off the sediment that comes down the hill from where houses are and stops it from flowing into the nearby creek). Right in one of the holes that catch sediment I saw a glass leaf shaped like a heart. I couldn't believe my "luck". Actually, I could. I recognized a gift from the universe and said a giant thank you.

So off I went with my glass heart, taking pictures in various places. More photo subjects appeared: cooperative ducks, pine cones, rabbits. I had no shortage of images. The hardest part has been selecting which ones to use.

There are no shortages of solutions if you just "ask".

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Recent Realization

The universe can be very funny, especially when I can laugh with it. These past few months have been hard, and I've gone through a couple of large transformations. I realized, though, that I made the transitions much harder on myself because I hadn't asked the universe to help me along. Transitions aren't always fun but I could have asked for more fun while going through them, or at least a more joyfull experience. I was walking down a tree lined street while this thought occured to me. Right as I finished this thought, a tree bough bumped me on the head. Ha, ha, get it, the universe literally bumped me on the head in agreement. And I had to laugh because of this truth. That's why the universe is so funny to me, the truth is there in plain sight all the time. I just have to be willing to look and see things as they really are... and laugh :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Confirming the Good

I had a dismal experience in the coffee shop on Monday. I didn't put out an ask to the universe in advance to manifest a good spot to work in as I normally would. I left it to the last second. Because of that, though I did get a space to work in, it was far from ideal. I was in a corner, in a bad chair that didn't support my back. I didn't have space to myself. For most of my visit, I had a vociferous mom and boisterous child munching on popcorn next to me.

Based on Monday's experience, I made sure to specify exactly what I wanted well in advance of my coffee shop visit. I wanted a comfy chair, space to myself, a place to plug in my computer, and most importantly, to be surrounded by people there to work and not chat. I got all that.

Sometimes having a bad experience helps me to be clearer about what I do want. And I'm very grateful my spirit team created an ideal experience in the coffee shop so that I could get what I needed to done.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Regaining Faith

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about manifesting. Part of it has been because I’ve fallen into a mundane rut and putting out asks to the universe has seemed more of a chore. But I always have to put out asks to the universe (through my spirit team) because I see the results of when I don’t. Things don’t flow as easily. That’s good for me to witness because it reminds me of the power of manifesting.

Another reason I’ve stopped is because I’ve felt disgruntled. There are so many changes that the universe has to take care of right now that my once quick delivery has fallen to a crawl. I've felt that my asks haven’t gotten the same result that I’m used to. There are several reasons as to why this is so and far beyond the length of a blog to go into any detail. Feeling like my manifesting results have slowed has cause me to feel disillusioned. I've struggled to keep my faith. More often, I've been feeling pissed. Add to that, I’ve been in a financial crunch. My cash flow has been haphazard at best. For quick cash I’ve been selling my belongings. And in selling these items I haven’t always gotten the price that I’ve wished. Part of that may be that I’ve been settling for the quick sell. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’ve been lugging around, for 4 moves, a portable easel. I had it in my head that I wanted to do outdoor painting only to find after a few lessons that I really didn’t have the patience for the medium. However, I went for quality when I purchased the easel and oil brushes; and I spent a pretty penny. Having spent so much money I didn’t want to toss the items. I held out for the “one day I might use them…” as to why I kept them. But I hadn’t used them in years. Being money strapped I decided it was time to let go and sell the items.

I listed the items on Craigslist for at least half of what I paid. I decided to do that based on their age though the items were barely used. I used the principal that used items, even slightly used ones decreased in value. In the ad I specified that the easel and brushes were of high-quality and that I’d even throw in oils and a palette brush. I thought saying I'd throw in extra items would make the ad more appealing - people like a deal afterall. I got a response in three days. The guy who responded wanted me to meet him in the city. Going into the city means a somewhat expensive bridge toll or a somewhat expensive subway ride. I didn’t have the cash to do it. The guy said he’d pay more for me to travel into the city. I agreed. He then stipulated that he had to have the palette brush and the paints and wanted to know how many I had. I told him I had 4 tubes of paint. All of this irked me because the guy seemed so focused on the paints that he missed the bigger picture of buying a 70 dollar (at least) easel and 70 dollars worth of (at least) oil brushes for $50 bucks. I told my spirit team (if the term "spirit team" seems unfamiliar, please see my earlier blog posts) I really didn’t want to sell to this guy. I wanted to find someone who appreciated the easel and brushes. After I emailed this guy back about the paints, or lack thereof, I didn’t hear from him again.

I had it in my head I wanted to sell to an art student because even if I had to lower the price, I felt an art student, not like the earlier jag, could appreciate my things. I listed the items again last week. I pondered on the wording of my first ad and realized that in saying, "I'll even throw in paints and a palette brush," gave the impression that I'd be accomodating to whomever responded; it was no wonder that a demanding person responded. In order to not duplicate that experience in the 2nd ad, I noted that I’d include the palette brush and paints but emphasized that what I was selling was a great value. Within three days I got a response. This time, the person was willing to meet me (rather than me come to him) but he couldn’t do it until the weekend. I agreed and let him know that I’d be willing to meet him halfway. Then rather meet him halfway I ended up agreeing to meet closer to his house. (Again, I put out the accomodating vibe). He told me that he’d let me know the time on Friday as when we’d meeting. I didn’t hear back from him. I waited all Sat., even called him and left a message but I got no response.

Now I was pissed. But in the back of my head I had an inkling that my spirit team had found a more appropriate person who fit my ask – one that could truly appreciate my items (and a person I didn't have to cater to). I didn’t check my email for two days. When I did I saw that Sat. evening a woman responded who was willing to pick up my items on Sunday and pay cash. “ARGH,” I railed at myself, why didn’t I check my email sooner. It was already Tuesday and perhaps she, not hearing back from me, already made another purchase. But rather than dwell in doubt, I held onto the principal that if this was indeed the right person for my items that I didn’t miss my opportunity. So I emailed and called the woman. I put out an ask that she respond to me within the hour. She called me back within the hour and we agreed on when we could meet that evening.

I think I mentioned a few times already I’m financially strapped and I’d been counting on the money from this sale for groceries, toothpaste and GAS. With her house located in the hills I pressed my luck to reach her on an almost empty gas tank. I got halfway and saw the flashing empty tank sign and had to accept that I couldn’t make it all the way up the hill. I had to turn around and take care of myself by heading down the hill to the nearest gas station to try to fill up the gas tank on the little I had. The little I had didn’t turn off the “empty” sign. I felt embarrassed because running out of gas, to me, made me a flake and what would this woman think of me?? I put my thoughts in check, put out an ask that she wouldn't think ill of me and called her to explain the situation. I asked her if she want to reschedule. Inwardly I hoped she'd be willing to come to the station. I don't recall if I actually asked her to come down but she offered to do it and I accepted, gratefully. I should note that when I originally called her, she was ready just to pay cash based on the photos and I said the items were high-quality. But I wanted her to look over the items first to make sure they were what she really wanted. “That’s only fair,” I said. She appreciated that. I don’t know if my act of fairness added into her willingness to meet me but it probably didn’t hurt either.

As I waited by my car, a raven flew into the tree near me. My spirit team often sends me ravens as a sign. If that wasn’t enough, I spotted three pennies on the ground. Finding money, as you probably know, is often a sign of money to come. The woman and the boyfriend pulled in. I showed them the easel and how it worked. The woman very much liked it. Then I gave her the paintbrushes. She could barely believe I used them they were in such great condition. "You really took care of them," she said. Then I gave her the paints and the palette brush. With the way her hands took in the items, I felt like Santa Claus bestowing a great gift. She paid me the cash and thanked me for following up with her and selling her the items. I told her, “No, really, thank you. You’ve been a dream." More like an answer to my ask.

I filled up my gas tank and whisked away to the store to buy toothpaste feeling elated. Sure, I had had to wait a bit for my spirit team to find the right person but the right person was worth the wait. And reminded me that we don’t always know what’s going on behind the curtain. This is when faith becomes so important. I had to remind myself that the first two respondents were false starts and when the right situation did come along, things are easy breezy – just like I was used to. :) I should also add that the universe gave me an opportuniy in a forcefull way to not bendover backwards to sell the items. I didn't have the gas to go up the hill but my caretaker nature (which I'm trying to reform) insisted I do it. Forced to accept I couldn't go to the person and that the person would have to come to me to get the items taught me a great lesson. The right person who valued the items would be willing to come to me. I didn't have to bend over backwards. She saw their value, and appreciated them. Just like I asked. And I felt my faith restored.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Learning From Fantasy Island

Since I've been actively manifesting, I've been viewing things differently. Seeing beyond what may seem the obvious. Trying to decipher events and why they occur. And seeing Universal messages, even in TV shows from the 70's. You may laugh but I now view Fantasy Island as a 'deep' show - if you can get beyond some of the acting.

In watching reruns of Fantasy Island, I find them to be a remarkable insight into manifesting. First off, you have this Rourke character, dressed in white, able to make any fantasy imaginable possible. How is he not representative of a spirit guide, I ask you!

And now to the fantasies.... The stories may run with the old adage in mind, “Be careful what you wish for,” because the guests' fantasy requests don't always "manifest" as they thought they would. Is it some devilsh plan on Mr. Rourke's part to teach someone a lesson? Or does it speak to the greater complications of manifesting when your ask involves more than one person. These are the questions I now ask when watching the show.

One Fantasy Island “guest” asked to be treated like a king. What does that phrase,"treated like a king" mean exactly? Is that to be taken literally or figuratively? His fantasy manifested into the literal. He actually was made king and with it carried the good and the bad of that role. People bowed to him but they also plotted against him. He had to adapt to the role he asked for. In the end he succeeded but it wasn’t the fantasy he expected. He became king of a real nation because the former king was killed and the queen’s fantasy was to find a lookalike who could fill that role. Many stories have that complication - one fantasy gets entwined with another and a compromise or resolution is reached to better both lives at the end.

What does what happened to a character on Fantasy Island have to do with the reality of manifesting? I’ve noticed that my expectations of what I’ve asked for don’t necessarily manifest exactly the way I thought it would. Why? Because I’m not the only one who’s making a request. There are countless others with their own asks, desires and needs. Beyond the veil of this world is a whole network of our spirit guides negotiating our asks for us to work with everyone else’s. Everyone has their own Mr. Rourke. It’s a symphony of negotiations by the Universe that make our manifestations work. So when an ask doesn’t necessarily work out as I thought it should, I ask myself, how did I ask? Was I specific enough? Or was it too specific and didn’t work in concert with a specific place and time?

Another thing I've noted is that when fantasies on Fantasy Island go awry, it's because the person asking doesn't exactly know what they are looking for. They think they know but it seems Mr. Rourke knows better. The guest may be looking to win a beauty contest but truly, she or he is looking for validation from her or his father. There are Universal truths lurking underneath the surface of this sometimes campy show. And that is, knowing what we truly want stems from looking at what we want the result to truly bring us. To say it another way, we may ask to be rich but is it about money or is it freedom or respect that we are really seeking? It may take a series of false starts to know what we really want. It doesn't hurt to ask. We don't now until we try - and try and try again. (I'm just full of adages today!)