Saturday, December 11, 2010

Recent Realization

The universe can be very funny, especially when I can laugh with it. These past few months have been hard, and I've gone through a couple of large transformations. I realized, though, that I made the transitions much harder on myself because I hadn't asked the universe to help me along. Transitions aren't always fun but I could have asked for more fun while going through them, or at least a more joyfull experience. I was walking down a tree lined street while this thought occured to me. Right as I finished this thought, a tree bough bumped me on the head. Ha, ha, get it, the universe literally bumped me on the head in agreement. And I had to laugh because of this truth. That's why the universe is so funny to me, the truth is there in plain sight all the time. I just have to be willing to look and see things as they really are... and laugh :)