Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Last Friday, I spent over two hours filling in boxes on an online application. Such an arduous task deserved a reward, like chocolate or ice cream but I didn't plan ahead and have something in the house. I tweeted about it. The following day, I met up with someone I "knew" only through social media and email communications. We had a great time getting to know one another. We walked near the coast. The day was hot. She asked if I wanted to go for a bit of a further walk and then she offered to treat us to ice cream. Having had the urge for ice cream, and feeling the need of the reward still I gladly accepted.

One could say this was coincidence. I say it's manifesting. I had my ask out there, via tweet, which in my book is an ask to the universe. I got my reward - two scoops of delicious ice cream. Plus the universal bonus of bonding with a new friend.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Have Heart

Last Tuesday, I set off to a nearby park to finish my class assignment for my video production class. I had started the week before taking photos while the sky was overcast to capture photos using low light. The next part of what I had to finish was capturing the same images using high light. I realized that I may have set myself up for not being able to finish the assignment that day if I only relied on taking new pictures of the images I took last week. I already had "panic" about not finishing this assignment on time which manifested in a dream I had the previous night (a dream where I waited until classtime to finish and I couldn't). I chided myself for not taking an object, like a penny, which I could move from a sunny spot to a shady one. So I asked the universe to provide me one.

I walked through the park searching for my penny (I had found two at the mall last week). This wasn't exactly the easiest place to manifest one but I looked anyway. "Something" made me look off the path and over to the storm drain. (This drain breaks off the sediment that comes down the hill from where houses are and stops it from flowing into the nearby creek). Right in one of the holes that catch sediment I saw a glass leaf shaped like a heart. I couldn't believe my "luck". Actually, I could. I recognized a gift from the universe and said a giant thank you.

So off I went with my glass heart, taking pictures in various places. More photo subjects appeared: cooperative ducks, pine cones, rabbits. I had no shortage of images. The hardest part has been selecting which ones to use.

There are no shortages of solutions if you just "ask".