Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Continuing from last post

Continuing the story

I haven’t yet finished reading The Path to Empowerment. I went to the pages I absolutely needed to at the time. The book described that negative thoughts create negative experiences whereas positive thoughts create positive experiences. It seems so self-evident although so often positive people are seen as airy-fairy and childlike, whereas cynical, negative thinking people seem to be more mature, and sophisticated. Little do the latter know they are building their own prison rather than a playground.

I knew at some level about events I created. At the first company I worked for in reality TV, I didn’t feel like I mattered much. I had wanted a job where I had responsibility and I needed to be there and counted on. I ended up on a fast and furious show where I worked obscene hours. A co-worker commiserated with me but I all I could respond with was, “well I got what I asked for.” I certainly did. I took a job where I had to be there. I had to be counted on. The real question that I didn’t ask myself was, why did I need to make things so hard?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Start from Where You Know

December 2006, I hit a wall. A hard wall. I spent so much time working up the ladder in Reality TV, I didn’t think about what would happen when I got to where I thought I wanted to be. Finally I was a story producer. I had more responsibility but I wasn’t in charge. I spent hours satisfying the bigwigs at the upper level. Did I want to reach that upper echelon where I called all the shots or was that delusional? Afterall, the executive producers still had to answer to the networks. And weren’t we all slaves to the ratings? Did I even want to stay in Reality TV? Not knowing where I wanted to go, tired, and stressed to breaking, I let everything drop. Another story producer wrangled into my position. I felt betrayed by my boss, deflated and defeated. That’s what happens when you bounce off a wall, you fall to the ground. But there’s always one part of me that doesn’t let go entirely, and it’s that part of me that starting adding books to my Amazon wishlist like, Secrets of Millionaire Woman and How to Pitch Like a Girl. I wanted power back in my life and I was searching for ways to get it.

I’m always open to spiritual adventures but at that point, I was desperate. I didn’t see the point of anything. I wanted control back in my life. I had given too much away – sacrificed too much of myself and my integrity for my so-called career. I got a massage at one of my favorite places in Pasadena. My massage therapist told me about a shaman that built an energy shield for her. She said he literally built a shield where she could feel her spine being supported. Having a spine, I thought, was what I needed.

What I got from Vinny, the Shaman, was an intense energy clearing. He relayed some information, not all of which I felt was one hundred percent, but most importantly out of it, he told me about my spirit guides. He also recommended a book called The Path to Empowerment. Empowerment was what I needed. Knowing that I was tired and befuddled, Vinney’s parting words to me were these, “You have so much to offer.” I shrugged my tired shoulders and thought, “Yes, but what is it that I want to offer?” That question was the first step I took in figuring out what I truly wanted to do with my life.

Following Vinny’s suggestion, I got Path to Empowerment. The Path to Empowerment it turns out is to know we are in charge and we create everything in our lives. We need to watch our thoughts because with them, we create our reality. I just had my first lesson in manifesting.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why a manifesting blog

Here's why I'm doing a manifesting blog

In June of 2007, I took my first step to proactively living. I learned to manifest, in a very active way, the things I wanted in my life. Because the change in my life effected me so profoundly, I wanted to share each step. For now, the blog format seems the most palatable but I feel this project will turn into a book at some point. And I would love for anyone who happens upon this blog to share their own success stories.

As unique as each human being is, the Universe responds in kind by delivering to what is most appropriate for us. To say it another way, there isn't a one piece fits all answer for a specific ask. So what I ask and receive won't necessarily be the same time-frame and deliverance as someone else. However, for me, it's always inspiring to hear how the Universe has delivered an ask for someone. It shows the endless possibilities that truly exist. And I hope this blog inspires everyone to ask for what we want.