Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Clothing is Rewarding

It's been forever & a day since I've written in this blog. I'm bogged down still writing my book but now I feel more energy towards setting a goal to finish. And I feel enthusiastic about it - like it'll be fun to write - because I should feel that way; I've got a lot of great stories to share. In the meantime I've been busy doing life cleanup. I've solved some major life issues this year. One of my main focuses has been on my health. I finally found a "diet" (rather I found a true way for me to eat healthfully) that I feel has restored me. I've shed a few pounds & I need new clothes. Since I'm not rolling in cash, I asked my spirit guides for new clothes that will support my new lifestyle and physique & to provide the means so I could get some new outfits. Over the next few days I got an email from my friend that said, "Come Shopping in My Closet". It's not unusual for my friend to give me her hand me downs - she loves to shop & I barely do.  What struck me was her saying "come shopping in my closet." I knew this had to be a "universal set up" meaning my guides had worked it so that I would get my new clothes ASAP. As you can see from the above picture, I picked up quite a load from my friend. She was tossing anything that didn't fit her. A few of the tops had tags still on them. I took the items I felt had a good fit. Lucky for me, my friend has good taste & she buys things that I normally wouldn't (like items that have actual sex appeal, LOL) so I truly have a new wardrobe that I do think will support my life direction. I'm happy & I feel great. Yea for manifesting!