Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Learning From Fantasy Island

Since I've been actively manifesting, I've been viewing things differently. Seeing beyond what may seem the obvious. Trying to decipher events and why they occur. And seeing Universal messages, even in TV shows from the 70's. You may laugh but I now view Fantasy Island as a 'deep' show - if you can get beyond some of the acting.

In watching reruns of Fantasy Island, I find them to be a remarkable insight into manifesting. First off, you have this Rourke character, dressed in white, able to make any fantasy imaginable possible. How is he not representative of a spirit guide, I ask you!

And now to the fantasies.... The stories may run with the old adage in mind, “Be careful what you wish for,” because the guests' fantasy requests don't always "manifest" as they thought they would. Is it some devilsh plan on Mr. Rourke's part to teach someone a lesson? Or does it speak to the greater complications of manifesting when your ask involves more than one person. These are the questions I now ask when watching the show.

One Fantasy Island “guest” asked to be treated like a king. What does that phrase,"treated like a king" mean exactly? Is that to be taken literally or figuratively? His fantasy manifested into the literal. He actually was made king and with it carried the good and the bad of that role. People bowed to him but they also plotted against him. He had to adapt to the role he asked for. In the end he succeeded but it wasn’t the fantasy he expected. He became king of a real nation because the former king was killed and the queen’s fantasy was to find a lookalike who could fill that role. Many stories have that complication - one fantasy gets entwined with another and a compromise or resolution is reached to better both lives at the end.

What does what happened to a character on Fantasy Island have to do with the reality of manifesting? I’ve noticed that my expectations of what I’ve asked for don’t necessarily manifest exactly the way I thought it would. Why? Because I’m not the only one who’s making a request. There are countless others with their own asks, desires and needs. Beyond the veil of this world is a whole network of our spirit guides negotiating our asks for us to work with everyone else’s. Everyone has their own Mr. Rourke. It’s a symphony of negotiations by the Universe that make our manifestations work. So when an ask doesn’t necessarily work out as I thought it should, I ask myself, how did I ask? Was I specific enough? Or was it too specific and didn’t work in concert with a specific place and time?

Another thing I've noted is that when fantasies on Fantasy Island go awry, it's because the person asking doesn't exactly know what they are looking for. They think they know but it seems Mr. Rourke knows better. The guest may be looking to win a beauty contest but truly, she or he is looking for validation from her or his father. There are Universal truths lurking underneath the surface of this sometimes campy show. And that is, knowing what we truly want stems from looking at what we want the result to truly bring us. To say it another way, we may ask to be rich but is it about money or is it freedom or respect that we are really seeking? It may take a series of false starts to know what we really want. It doesn't hurt to ask. We don't now until we try - and try and try again. (I'm just full of adages today!)

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