Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Confirming the Good

I had a dismal experience in the coffee shop on Monday. I didn't put out an ask to the universe in advance to manifest a good spot to work in as I normally would. I left it to the last second. Because of that, though I did get a space to work in, it was far from ideal. I was in a corner, in a bad chair that didn't support my back. I didn't have space to myself. For most of my visit, I had a vociferous mom and boisterous child munching on popcorn next to me.

Based on Monday's experience, I made sure to specify exactly what I wanted well in advance of my coffee shop visit. I wanted a comfy chair, space to myself, a place to plug in my computer, and most importantly, to be surrounded by people there to work and not chat. I got all that.

Sometimes having a bad experience helps me to be clearer about what I do want. And I'm very grateful my spirit team created an ideal experience in the coffee shop so that I could get what I needed to done.

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